Meet your team of experts.

Gerry Tabio

President & Founder

Gerry Tabio is an author, teacher and sales coach with decades of experience in the media and tech industry. Gerry is on a mission to solve one of the biggest challenges facing individuals and companies in the media and tech industries: how to create a repeatable and proactive sales process that generates sustained revenue growth.

He is the Founder & President of Creative Resources Group, a media performance consultancy that works with global companies to accelerate performance, create demand and drive revenue growth. After decades of success, Gerry has mastered the ability to help companies establish a clear connection between the behaviors of the sales organization and the success of their business through CRG’s LIFT System. Gerry, and his business partner Sally Beamer, are credited with being the first to create a real-world process for developing persuasive marketing campaigns. Together, they’ve dedicated their talents to training and consulting thousands of managers, salespeople and facilitators in many of the largest and most respected media and tech companies in the world.

Sally Beamer

Managing Partner

Sally Beamer learned very early in her sales career that every client is unique, and that the best way for her to succeed was to focus her energies on helping her clients grow their business. From the moment Sally joined Creative Resources, she brought that real-world perspective into the Creative Resources System. Sally’s extensive background as a successful sales person, Sales Manager and General Manager helped her develop a finely tuned sense of empathy for the managers who are ultimately expected to adopt and execute new systems.

Whether she is consulting with one of the clients for whom she has direct responsibility, or advising the other members of the Creative Resources consulting team, Sally’s approach is always to understand what the individual sales leader is attempting to accomplish and then create a custom plan to help them get there.

Crystal Hardy

Business Manager

Crystal Hardy is a cum laude graduate of Tulsa University. She majored in Marketing with a specialization in Integrated Marketing Communications. Before joining Creative Resources as Business Manager, Crystal worked at the IdeaStudio advertising agency, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Crystal’s contributions to our clients’ companies go far beyond the scope of her day job as our Business Manager. As the person who leads our Sales Analytics effort, Crystal does the number crunching that helps our clients stay focused on the activities that make them the most money.