The LIFT System

Rational. Sequential. Repeatable.

The LIFT System gives sales leaders a clear connection between the behaviors of the sales organization and the growth of their business.


Growth Goals

Our experience and our research have taught us that growth comes from pursuing goals. We help sales leaders set growth goals and keep their sales team on track to accomplish them.

Our system includes:

  • Complete analysis of account segments.
  • Method for setting strategic goals for all high-priority account segments.
  • Comprehensive infrastructure for tracking progress towards the goals:
    -Individual Enterprises for all sellers.
    -Key Account Portfolio.
    -Target Account Portfolio.
    -Scorecards to measure other high priority account segments.


Team Training

We help sales leaders build proactive sales organizations with the skills to create demand. Creating Lift requires proactive selling behaviors.

Leaders, managers and individual contributors are trained to:

  • Choose the right account.
  • Conduct a Marketing First investigation.
  • Conduct a Discovery Meeting.
  • Present a custom solution.


Leadership Development

We help leaders and managers set clear direction, communicate expectations for proactively creating demand, stay focused on the goals and use performance metrics to keep the team on track.

Managers who follow our Coach for Growth Playbook improve their skills on two levels: they grow their business and they grow their salespeople as sales and marketing professionals.

Our system includes:

  • Adopting the Individual Enterprise as the platform for creating lift.
  • Using all interactions with individual contributors to seek evidence of proactive selling behaviors with the right clients.
  • Structuring profitable one-on-one meetings.


Personalized Coaching

We extend the impact of the training with individual coaching sessions.
Learning a new way of selling is like learning any other skill. It requires training, practice and feedback from a coach.

With every new discipline we install, we follow a consistent feedback loop:

  • First, we teach the new behaviors.
  • Then, we observe the managers and individual contributors in the field.
  • Then, we offer personalized coaching.


Performance Metrics

We have developed proprietary tools that leaders and managers use to review performance and identify opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed to achieve goals.

Our Analytics Framework tracks:

  • All Individual Enterprises.
  • The Key Account Portfolio.
  • The Target Account Portfolio.
  • All high priority scorecards.

“Their principles are bar-none the industry’s best-kept secret.

The LIFT Sytem led to record-breaking revenue generation for us. To this day, the work we did continues to have an impact.”

CEO, Radio

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