The Creative Facilitator Workshop

If you want to strengthen your partnerships and monetize your marketing assets, you need to have a reliable method for generating ideas for your clients and sponsors.

That's because the best way to unlock the value of your communication tools is to incorporate them into marketing ideas that will accomplish your clients' marketing objectives.

We at Creative Resources have developed a simple, repeatable process to create and develop marketing ideas on demand. The Creative Resources Process is unique in that it has been specifically designed to generate marketing ideas.

Because our process works most effectively when it is led by a certified Creative Facilitator, we have organized a three-day Creative Facilitator Workshop in which you or any member of your staff can learn to lead this powerful process.

In the Creative Facilitator Workshop, you will learn to:

  • Facilitate the creation and development of a marketing idea.
  • Facilitate a marketing analysis. Every marketing situation is unique, yet contains the same essential elements.
  • As a Creative Facilitator, you will know how to help a team dissect the client’s marketing data to generate more relevant ideas.
  • Focus on the right marketing objective. Even before the first idea is written on a flip chart, you will deliver tremendous value to your clients by helping them zero in on the most important marketing objective.
  • Keep the team engaged. Creative Facilitators get teams excited about generating ideas and they keep them involved all the way to the conclusion.
  • Use idea-generation techniques. We don’t just arm you with a toolbox full of idea-generation techniques; we also teach you when to introduce them.
  • Help the client make the right choice. It’s great to come up with lots of ideas, but it’s even better when clients choose the ones they really want to make happen. Creative Facilitators help clients make good choices by first considering their most important success criteria.
  • Help your team take an initial concept that may not be ready for prime time and develop it into a fully integrated persuasive campaign.
  • Get clients to take action. Creative Facilitators know that the job is not done until action steps have been agreed upon and a timeline has been created. You will learn how to get the client to act on the best ideas.

Workshop Agenda at a Glance

As you review the agenda below, you will notice that the overwhelming majority of the skill development you will experience happens in small teams. That is why it is important that you plan to attend the entire workshop from beginning to end.

If you feel that you need to miss any part of the workshop, it will be better for you and for the other Creative Facilitators if you select a different date that will allow you to take part in the entire workshop.

Preparation Homework

All students will be expected to prepare in two ways:

  • Study an Example Client. All students will be expected to become familiar with the marketing efforts of an example company that will be used in some of the initial idea-generation exercises.
  • Study a Real-World Client. At some point in this workshop, you will have an opportunity to play the role of a client and another student will facilitate you through the Creative Resources Process. We want you to identify a client that matters to you or your company and become familiar with that client’s marketing situation.

Day 1 – How to Facilitate an Idea-Generation Session

  • Day 1 begins at 8:30 AM sharp.
  • Introductory facilitation exercise and debrief.
  • Introduction to the simple behaviors of making lists and making choices and the technique we call a “Detour.”
  • Creative Facilitators practice their first idea-generation session using the techniques they just learned.
  • Introduction to the Idea Machine and the role of the facilitator.
  • 90 Minute Lunch Break. Start time varies.
  • Introduction to the essential elements of marketing – the data and facts that fuel the idea machine.
  • Overview and instruction on how to facilitate the Idea-Generation step.
  • Practice facilitating the Idea-Generation step. Every student will facilitate an idea-generation session for an example client that will be provided.
  • Day 1 concludes by 6 PM.

Day 2 – How to Facilitate a Development Session

  • Day 2 begins at 8:30 AM sharp.
  • Debrief of Day 1.
  • Overview of considering criteria to select a top idea.
  • Facilitate using criteria to select the top idea.
  • Introduction to the Development step - take a single idea and develop it into a persuasive marketing campaign that is cool, custom, and effective.
  • 90 Minute Lunch Break. Start time varies.
  • Overview and instruction on how to facilitate the Development step.
  • Practice facilitating the Development step. Every student will facilitate a development session for the top idea that each facilitator’s client selected in the morning.
  • Day 2 concludes by 6 PM.

Day 3 – How to Facilitate a Marketing Objective Session

  • Day 3 begins at 8:30 AM sharp.
  • Debrief of Day 2.
  • Overview and instruction on the required ingredients of a Marketing Objective.
  • Overview and instruction on how to facilitate the Marketing Objective step – the specific statement that will guide the idea-generation and ultimately the development of a persuasive marketing campaign.
  • Practice facilitating the Marketing Objective step for real-world clients.
  • 60 Minute Lunch Break. Start time varies.
  • Practice facilitating Idea Generation and Development for a real-world client.
  • Day 3 concludes by 5 PM.

Meet Your Teachers

Gerry Tabío
President and Founder

Early in his career, Gerry learned about the power of ideas and became a passionate student and teacher of various tools and techniques to help his team innovate. Gerry’s early success in media took him from promotions to Marketing Manager and later, General Manager. There was so much demand for the tools and techniques from other media companies that Gerry founded Creative Resources to teach companies how to develop marketing ideas for their customers and their media brands.

Gerry is motivated by the belief that ideas are the core of all successful marketing programs, that ideas are the outcome of a creative process, and that process is most productive when managed by a facilitator. His obsession is to help companies develop a marketing idea-generation “machine.”

Always learning from his customers, Gerry’s laboratory includes teaching and coaching media sales professionals for some of the most respected media companies in America as well as facilitating marketing projects for clients such as NASCAR, North Texas Chevy Dealers, J. Jill, and Rich Dad - Poor Dad.

Students of the Creative Facilitator Workshop will enjoy Gerry’s passion for marketing and idea generation, and they will benefit from his commitment to a simple, repeatable process to help them be effective in the real world.

Kandice Herndon
Director of Facilitator Development

“How can I help?” When you get to know Kandice Herndon, you will come to understand that when she asks you this question, she means it. 

Kandice became a trained facilitator of the Creative Resources Process while working in media sales and Sales Management in Houston. Her passion for teaching and coaching led her to become an Executive Performance Coach for Star Performance Group and then to join the Creative Resources coaching team.

As a Senior Consultant for Creative Resources, Kandice works on the front lines with Sales Managers to drive performance by helping them take a marketing approach to sales. She continues to learn by doing - facilitating and coaching marketing projects for clients like Mattress Firm, David Weekley Homes, Anheuser-Busch, and McDonald’s.  

In her role as Director of Facilitator Development she combines her passion for marketing and ideas to help graduates from our Creative Facilitator Workshop lead profitable idea-generation sessions in companies all around the world. Every one of them knows that if they need any advice, from preparing for their next session to debriefing the last one, they can count on Kandice to roll up her sleeves and ask, “How can I help?”

I like that we got to take what we learned and put it into action in real time, each day.  It helps to absorb the process and learnings. – Jaime Rodrigue, Triad Retail Media

I believe helping my AE’s probe deeper will uncover potential opportunities that otherwise would not have been discovered.  – Jeff Fritz, Spectrum Reach

When someone says . . . “I need an idea”, I will be able to facilitate a persuasive campaign from start to finish!  –  Kaye Postregna, Bonneville International

The development process will pay off for me the quickest.  I have a meeting on Friday to do just that – so glad to be coming out of the workshop fresh to facilitate that meeting.  –  Morgan Jessup, Spectrum Reach

I like the formal structure and that, as a creative facilitator, I can customize it to my approach and style. –  Alissa Marti, Connoisseur Media

The Creative Facilitator Workshop

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