How to Build Your
Idea Machine

We can help you build an Idea Machine within your organization that will give your team the power to create and develop ideas that benefit your clients, engage your audience, and make you more money.

First, we help you install a process. We at Creative Resources have developed a step by step process, which becomes the engine to help you create and develop cool, custom, and effective marketing ideas on demand.

The Creative Resources Process is managed by a process leader – a Facilitator.

We are going to help you identify a number of people from throughout your organization – from sales to marketing to product – and we are going to train them to become Certified Creative Facilitators.

Next, your team needs a thorough understanding of the client’s marketing situation. Specifically, Creative Facilitators have the skills to lead a team through a marketing analysis so they can zero in on the client’s specific Marketing Objective.

To move the idea-generation process forward, your certified facilitators are trained to know when and how to inject the client’s essential marketing facts into the creative process. Bringing those facts into the process at the right time helps your team create and develop ideas that are custom to the client’s brand and effective in accomplishing the client’s Marketing Objective.

And what are the raw materials with which your team will build marketing ideas? Your tools!

A trained facilitator also knows that the way to develop ideas that are cool and relevant to your audience is by looking through your menu of tools and selecting the right tools to integrate into each specific project.

As you build your Idea Machine, your entire organization - from sales, to marketing, to content - will learn how to interact with your clients and with one another to create cool, custom, and effective marketing ideas when any member of your team needs them.

Your Idea Machine can become so reliable that you can name it, brand it, and turn it into a clear point of differentiation between you and your competitors.

What are the payoffs?

  1. Your clients get results. They will see more value in the programs that your idea machine creates.  That allows you to increase the prices you charge for these programs.

  2. The programs that you create are going to be larger because they are integrated, so you will include more of your tools into each program.

  3. Ultimately the relationships you build with your valuable clients evolve so they learn to expect custom marketing ideas from a true marketing partner, rather than just efficiently packaged inventory from a media vendor.