Custom Training

Every single one of our partnerships is unique. When Creative Resources begins to explore a new potential partner, we first seek to understand the performance gap that you are experiencing already or that you anticipate in the future. We then create a custom training, coaching, and consulting plan to help you and your team achieve the outcomes you seek.

Our Disciplines

The Creative Resources System is designed to help you accelerate the growth of your revenue by becoming marketing partners to your clients rather than vendors of media inventory.

To help your sales organization deliver consistent revenue results, we install a number of disciplines into your company.

These three disciplines will help you change the conversations with your clients.

Take a Marketing Approach to Sales

Changing the conversations your sales people are having with their advertising clients requires that the sales people begin their fact-finding long before they meet the client for the first time. In our Marketing First Workshop, we teach the sales team a repeatable process for analyzing their clients’ marketing situations and arriving at a point of view about how your tools and your marketing ideas can help them be more successful.

The sales organization also learns the marketing facts they need to gather in order to generate persuasive campaigns that will help their clients improve their businesses.

Establish an Idea Generation Capability

We help our clients build internal idea machines: A reliable and repeatable method for generating cool, custom, and effective marketing ideas that get results for your advertising clients and monetize your tools.

We begin by training enough certified facilitators of the Creative Resources Process so that when anyone in the organization (from sales to marketing to product management) requires a marketing idea, they know they can depend on the skills of a certified facilitator to help them generate and develop one. We also teach everyone in the sales organization the fundamentals of idea generation and how to collaborate with a creative facilitator to generate marketing ideas for their clients.

Coach for Growth

If you are going to successfully change the conversations that your sales people are having with their clients, you must first change the conversations your managers are having with your sales people.

Whether they are sitting in a regular one-on-one meeting with their sales people or observing and coaching them in the field, the best managers need to develop the skills to create growth in two ways. First, they must help their sales people grow their individual enterprises by collaborating with them to set and pursue growth goals for their Key and Target Accounts. Second, they must help their sales people grow as sales professionals and as marketers who can make an increasingly big impact on their clients’ businesses.

These three disciplines will help you create sustained revenue growth.

Focus on the Right Accounts

As its name suggests, our Strategic Account Management system (SAM) is a simple and powerful method to help the sales people and the sales managers identify and focus on the accounts with the greatest potential for growth.

Set Growth Goals

Growth comes from the pursuit of a goal. This discipline will give the sales managers a repeatable method for setting and pursuing rational growth goals at all levels of the sales organization. At the micro level, the sales people will collaborate with their managers to set growth goals for the accounts that form their individual enterprises. At the macro level, the sales managers will engage in an annual process to set and pursue strategic goals for the entire sales organization.

Measure Results

Creative Resources has dedicated a lot of time and resources to understanding the analytics of successful media sales organizations. Our system includes a number of proprietary analytics tools that help the managers and the sales people track the growth they are making towards their goals and make any necessary adjustments along the way.

This discipline will help change your client’s perception of your sales organization.

Establish a Sales Brand

Marketing the key benefits of doing business with your sales organization is no different than helping your clients market their products and services.  Establishing a sales brand is how we help your sales organization own the position of a reliable marketing partner and the source of cool, custom, and effective marketing ideas in the minds of your best customers and prospects.