Create Value
with Your Idea Machine

Most of the ideas that become marketing and advertising campaigns are developed by “idea machines” that are owned by brands and their advertising agencies, which relegates so many media companies and publishers to the role of simply selling communications tools.

We need to change that dynamic. Otherwise, you will always be at the very end of the marketing continuum, far away from the decision makers who choose what tools are going to be included in their programs, and bidding for the lowest possible price you are willing to swallow.

But you can build your own idea machine to create contextually relevant campaigns that persuade and activate your audience. After all, nobody knows how to create a conversation with your audience better than you!

And you certainly don’t need to compete with the advertising agency. The job of your idea machine would be to enhance, extend, and complement what the clients and their agencies are already doing.

The benefits to you are both financial and strategic. You are certainly going to make more money, and creating your own idea machine could differentiate you from your competitors.

Sounds intriguing? In the next video, we’ll take a look at some of the basic elements that need to be put in place to build an idea machine of your own.