Lift Your Business

There is a direct connection between your sales people’s ability to grow their business one account at a time and your ability to take control of your business and create sustained revenue growth.

One of the core metaphors we use in our training (especially with managers) is the trajectory followed by an airplane as it speeds down the runway and takes off towards its destination.

Your company is the airplane, traveling on that blue line. Every leader we have ever worked with has a destination in mind; a gap between the current state of the company and the place where the leader wants to take it.

That black line is the average, your industry, your competitors, the market, even the economy. And just as if you were piloting an airplane, reaching your destination will require that you focus a lot less on the ground and a lot more on where you are going.

So, where does all the power come from to create the lift you are going to need? It comes from your sales people’s ability to grow their revenue, one account at a time. Every one of those green arrows is an individual enterprise. And your sales people’s job is to grow those individual enterprises every year. Every time a client buys a marketing idea, an account grows. Every time an account grows, an individual enterprise grows. Every time an individual enterprise grows, your business lifts. It really is that simple. But it’s not easy. It takes discipline.

It takes discipline to evolve your business from reactive to proactive. It takes discipline to evolve from selling products to accomplishing clients’ marketing objectives. It takes discipline to choose the clients you want to do business with, and then it takes discipline to make sure they get results.

If one of the questions that brings you here is, "How will Creative Resources help me grow my business?" The answer is, we help you install and execute a number of disciplines. When those disciplines work together, they create a framework, an infrastructure that helps you lift your business.