Your top performers are keeping your small accounts small.

Your best sales people have learned to spot the clients that should be doing business with your company. And when those clients are small, they require time and attention in order to help them grow. The irony is that those same sales people often lack the bandwidth required to grow those small accounts. View Post

The Line

The sidelines on a basketball court are more than just boundaries. Those lines help coaches become better coaches and players become better players. Makes you wonder how Sales Managers' jobs would change if they had similar boundaries separating their job from the job of the seller. View Post

How to Put the Rule of 10 to Work - Part 2

If the Rule of 10 were true - that's the rule that says that for every initiative you introduce in your company, out of every ten people, three will love it, three will never do it, and four are going to sit on the fence to see how serious you are - then whom should the manager focus on first? View Post

How to Put the Rule of 10 to Work - Part 1

According to the Rule of 10, every new initiative will be met by three people who love it, three people who are never going to do it, and four people that are on the fence. Let's assume the Rule of 10 is true. How do we use it to our advantage? View Post