Jumpstart your idea capability by facilitating more often!

As a Creative Facilitator, you know that putting your skills to work developing persuasive campaigns will create growth for your company and for your clients.  Whether you facilitate all the time or haven't had the marker in your hand for ages, there are plenty of ways to get help and give your idea capability a jumpstart.

We made a list of ways to help you get started or ways to keep you going, whichever applies!

  1. Make an appointment with myself to review the library of Coach K's Facilitator Tips.
  2. Attend a 30-minute facilitator webinar offered the second week of each month. (Don't worry, the invitation is on the way!)
  3. Contact Debbie Kennedy to schedule an observation appointment.
  4. Lead the "Facilitator Capabilities Meeting" as a refresher for your team. (The script is behind Tab 23 of your Resource Book.)
  5. Facilitate a Round Robin Session to give several agents help with different marketing projects in the same meeting. (The Overview is behind Tab 22 of your Resource Book.)
  6. Schedule a call with Coach K to hear what you're trying to make happen, and get help with a jump start to 2019!

We are eager to help you in any way we can.

Contact Creative Resources for more help with jumpstarting your idea capability.