Allow campaigns to incubate with an Idea Wall.

As a Creative Facilitator, you know that the only limitation to the generation of a long list of ideas is time. Of course, there are other factors that impact the quality of ideas generated like having the right people in the session, plenty of detours as inspiration and the creative energy to stretch the group.

Whether it's to extend the time allotted for a session or simply to allow a little time for ideas to incubate, an Idea Wall can be a valuable tool. Some facilitators use an Idea Wall when their project would benefit from the creative genius of people who couldn't attend the facilitated session. Others have used the technique when a particular element of the campaign needs improvement and the resource group was out of time.

No matter what your inspiration, here are some techniques to put an Idea Wall to work for you:

  1. Ideas Step: Make the idea list longer.
  • Post the marketing objective on the wall.
  • Provide blank flipchart paper, sticky notes or index cards, markers and tape.
  • Invite team members to contribute to the idea list by writing one idea on a sticky note or index card and posting it on the wall.
  1. Development Step: Expand the resource group to include specialists.
  • Post the top idea, the name of the campaign and the marketing objective on the wall.
  • Ask specialists like copywriters or digital experts to add specific messaging and digital elements to the Development list.
  1. Development Step: Add variety to improve the campaign.
  • Post three sheets of flipchart paper labeled as, "Name," "Tools," "Messaging."
  • Invite participants to add fresh ideas for campaign elements under the appropriate heading.

We'd love to hear how you use an Idea Wall.

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