Novel ways to use the CRG Detour Box.

Creative Facilitators might be considered the Chief Inspiration Officer on their team. When you facilitate for the same group, it becomes more important to think of novel ways to inspire your resource group.

The Creative Resources Detour Box is the go-to source for novel inspiration. One tried and true way of using the detour cards is for you to pick a card and ask participants to make a list of what comes to mind to inspire fresh ideas.

Another way to look at the Detour Box is by the specific sections inside, which includes people, things, attributes and actions.

Here are some additional techniques to help inspire your resource group by giving you some out-of-the box (pun intended) ways to use what you already have on hand.

  1. People Section - Ask each participant to pick a yellow card from the "people" section of the Detour Box. From time to time, call on one participant and ask them to offer an idea that would appeal to the person listed on their yellow card.
  2. Things Section - Pick a green card from the "things" section of the Detour Box. Ask the resource group to offer ideas that include the specific thing on the green card they picked.
  3. Attributes Section - Ask one participant to select and read a blue card from the "attributes" section of the Detour Box. Get the resource group to work independently and write down an idea that includes that specific attribute and add those ideas to the list.
  4. Actions Section - Place a pink card from the "actions" section on each participant's chair before the session and request that they keep the card handy. As ideas are offered, ask the contributors to read the word on their pink card. Have participants add ideas that include that specific action.

Contact Creative Resources for more novelty detours.