Start your marketing project with the product and target connection.

Confirming the connection between the specific product for the project and the target consumer whom the campaign must persuade will have an impact on every other piece of information gathered for any marketing project you are asked to facilitate.

In a client's business there will be several products that appeal to several different target consumers. It stands to reason, there might be several product and target consumer combinations to consider. In the case of a client like Home Depot, you might see product and target connections like these:

  • Product: Appliance Department

    Target: 40-year-old woman remodeling her kitchen

  • Product: Commercial Plumbing Equipment

    Target: Commercial contractor

Both the ideas that are generated and the persuasive campaigns that are developed for a 40-year-old woman remodeling her kitchen would be very different than the ideas and campaigns for a commercial contractor, as would all of the essential marketing facts associated with each project.

Helping an agent and the client, if you have access to him/her, make the singular product and target connection first will put you on a path to a clear marketing objective and eventually a cool, custom and effective persuasive campaign.

The next time you're asked to facilitate, begin by confirming the product and target connection.

Collaborate with your agent and with the client, if you have access, by exploring products and targets together. For example:

  1. Make a list of products and then choose one for this project. A product can be a single location, a department within a store or a specific product or service. 
  • Which products appear to be a priority for the client?
  • Are there specific products the agent knows are a priority?
  • Which product does the agent believe your company is best equipped to help the client with?
  1. Who are the target consumers for the chosen product or service? Make a list of the different people the product or service appeals to.
  • Ask the client for their research on the product or service.
  • Look at the client's website and describe the people you see in photo galleries, videos or on the client's social media site.
  • Ask your research department for lifestyle information on those specific people.
  • Research target consumers in the category, either through your research department or on your own.

If you’d like to learn more about the product and target connection, Creative Resources is standing by.