Make a list. You'll feel better and your client will, too!

As a Creative Facilitator, you have seen the magic of making a list of options before making a choice. The behavior of making lists and making choices is so simple, yet so powerful, especially when managed by a facilitator.

Recently, I was juggling several different priorities. A colleague sensed I was feeling freaked out and frustrated about what to do next so she suggested we make a list. And boom, I felt better right away! That in-the-weeds moment reminded me that regardless of the complexity or size of the project at hand, it is the simple behavior of making lists and making choices that serves the client best.

Sometimes, when you're choosing a marketing objective for instance, you are asking the client to choose one thing because you're trying to create focus. Other times, as in the development step, you're asking the client to choose lots of elements for the campaign so that several communication tools will be used to communicate with and persuade the target consumer.

Either way, your job as the facilitator is to give the client lots of options. Not only will the client feel better right away, he or she will ultimately be more satisfied with their choice.

No matter where you are in the process, use these rules to help you make a list!

  1. Defer judgment. We want to avoid evaluation and criticism.
  2. Freewheeling is encouraged. Outrageous ideas are welcome.
  3. Strive for quantity. Quantity will produce quality.
  4. Take detours to make new connections.
  5. Offer specific ideas. They're more likely to become a reality.
  6. Write down every idea. Otherwise, we will have judged it.
  7. All contributions are equal. No bosses or hierarchy.

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