Use technology to help the resource group experience the client's brand messages.

As a Creative Facilitator, you know the importance of getting your resource group to generate relevant ideas on demand. Why not use technology to help participants experience the client's brand messaging during your session? You know they're going to bring their phone or laptop to the meeting anyway, so put that tech to good use in the meeting space!

Some Creative Facilitators have the client's website pulled up on the conference room's big screen when their session begins. Others make it a practice to have current radio and television commercials ready for the resource group to see and hear.

Surrounding the resource group with marketing facts about the client's brand can be as simple and spontaneous as asking participants to access the client's website on their laptop or to use their phone to look at how the brand is represented on Instagram. All of these sights, sounds, words and phrases can help the resource group make new connections and generate relevant ideas.

Try these techniques the next time you want to put tech to work in your session:

  1. Peruse the client's website. Working on their own and using scratch paper, ask each participant to write down three words, phrases or colors that are prominently displayed on the client's website. Collect the sheets and use them as fact-based detours throughout the session.
  2. Get social. Ask participants to find the client's page on a social media platform that is relevant to the target consumer. (For example, a 36 year-old woman is likely to be active on Facebook and Instagram.) Based on what they see on the client's page, add new ideas to the list.
  3. Check out customer comments. Ask participants to find testimonials or customer reviews and read them aloud. Whether the customer comments are good or bad, ask the resource group to use what they heard to make new connections and add ideas that will accomplish the marketing objective.
  4. Show and tell. Display the client's website, Facebook or Instagram page, preferably on a large screen. Ask a participant to focus on a specific thing they personally connect to and describe it to the group. Add new ideas to the list.

Contact Creative Resources for more ways to use technology in your sessions.