Explore the marketing objective to develop more persuasive campaigns.

As a Creative Facilitator, you know that a persuasive campaign needs to be cool, custom and effective. The marketing objective is a wonderful place to find detour questions that will inspire ideas that meet these three standards.

The first standard is cool. Persuasive campaigns are cool to the target consumer. Cool campaigns make the target consumer feel, "that campaign is talking to me!"

The second standard is custom. Persuasive campaigns have the look and feel of the brand so the target consumer will remember it later.

The third standard is effective. Effective campaigns use the right communication tools to engage the target consumer.

Once that target consumer is engaged, effective campaigns stay truly focused on what the client wants those target consumers to do or believe.

Here's a technique that uses elements of the marketing objective to help the resource group generate ideas that are cool, custom and effective.

Use some or all of the questions below as detours:

  1. Target
  • What messaging might we add that will make the target think "they're talking to me"?
  • What tools might we use to create a two-way conversation with the target?
  1. Outcome
  • What messages might we include to reinforce the client's brand?
  • What might we do at the client's location?
  1. Product
  • What images might we add to the campaign based on the packaging of the product?
  • What tools might we use to illustrate the product's features?
  1. Place
  • What messaging might we use to inspire the target to go to the place where the client wants them to purchase the product?
  1. Season
  • What might we include in the campaign to reinforce the season or timing?
  • Which communication tools might we add based on season or timing?

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