Engage the resource group by putting them to work.


As a Creative Facilitator, you know the more involved your resource group is in the session, the more likely it is that the idea list will be robust. One way to get the resource group involved is to put them to work!

This tip is inspired by a session I recently observed where the facilitator kicked off idea generation by asking each participant to read one rule for "How to Make a List." It was delightful to hear the enthusiasm and unique inflection in each of their voices as they read the rules.

A big part of the facilitator's role is to foster a creative environment. When you ask people to help by reading the rules, picking a detour card or even writing down ides, you have set the stage for equal and active participation.

Here are a few techniques to help you put your resource group to work.

  1. Rock the Rules: Post or distribute the rules for "How to Make a List" and ask the participants to read one rule.
  2. Pick a Card, Any Card: Create a short deck of detour cards and ask a participant to pick one, read it  to the group and add the new ideas to the list.
  3. Role Reversal: Ask a participant to take your place as the scribe, join the resource group and offer a few ideas.
  4. Search Party: Invite participants to search online for facts about the client's product or service and brand. Ask the participants to share what they learned and add the new ideas to the list.

Contact Creative Resources for more help with engaging the resource group.