Energizer: Play the target game.

As a facilitator, you know that understanding the target consumer as an individual rather than a broad group or demographic will improve the persuasive campaigns you facilitate.

Occasionally, resource groups need help to see how understanding the target consumer can serve them in generating relevant ideas.

Here's a fun energizer to help your resource group discover its own importance.

The Target Game

  1. Post the words "A Whole Lot," "Sometimes" and "Rarely" on three flip charts and place them in different corners of the room. Participants will need room to gather around each of the three posted signs.
  2. Tell the participants that when you ask questions, you want them to stand by the sign that is the appropriate answer for THEM -- not someone in their households. For example, how often do you personally:
  • Pick up the phone and order a delivery pizza?
  • Get your nails done?
  • Buy a 12-pack of beer?

As you move around the room, notice what happens each time you change the category or the product.

  • Order fast food from a drive-through window?
  • Shop for toddlers' clothes?
  • Go to a convenience store to buy a cold beverage?

To wrap up the energizer, you want to create your own questions that will reinforce the need to view the target consumer as an individual rather than a broad demographic. For example, some questions might include:

  1. How did the groups change when the questions about consumer behavior changed?
  2. What insights does that suggest about working on persuasive marketing campaigns?
  3. What connections can you make to typical demographics we're given to work with?
  • What is the age of the youngest person here?
  • What is the age of the oldest person?
  • Does that sound like a demo?
  1. Based on what you've seen here, how might understanding the target's behavior serve us in coming up with persuasive marketing campaigns?

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