Novelty Detour: Become someone else to generate fresh ideas.

Recently, I was helping a facilitator prepare for an idea session with a new client. Her plan for the session was very impressive. There were plenty of fact-based detours to drive relevant ideas. She had thought through a strong introduction icebreaker and fun ways to involve a diverse group of participants who were new to the process.

This tip is inspired by her success using novelty detours. Specifically, she used the technique of asking the resource group to become someone else to solve the marketing objective.

In the end, some of the best ideas in her session came from helping people who were close to the situation see the marketing objective from someone else's point of view. Your Creative Resources Detour Box can help!

Here's a way to get your resource group to take a novel approach by becoming someone else.

  1. Adopt a different point of view.
  • Distribute a "People" card from the Detour Box to each participant.
  • Ask "How would a __________solve this marketing objective?"
  • Add the fresh ideas to the list.
  1. Explore a random person's qualities.
  • Pick a "People" card from the Detour Box.
  • Ask participants to list the qualities of a __________.
  • Add ideas that are inspired by those qualities to the list.
  1. Experience the client's product as someone else.
  • Invite a participant to draw a "People" card from the Detour Box.
  • Ask how a __________ might experience the client's product or service.
  • Use their responses to make new connections and add those ideas to the list.

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