Detour: Bring the client's product into your development session.

Perhaps the picture above is somewhat misleading. Even I know that bringing a couch into a session is a little too much to ask. Still, exploring new ways for your resource group participants to find inspiration by experiencing the client's product will help them generate custom ideas.

Product detours are particularly important in the development step of the process. A thorough exploration of the client's product can stimulate messaging and activation ideas that are highly persuasive and focused on the client's brand.

Here are a few ways to help your resource group explore the client's product:

  1. Bring product samples to the session. Put participants in small teams and ask them to list the attributes of the product's packaging.
  2. Make a detailed list of the characteristics of the product.
  • How exactly do people use it?
  • What unique features does the product offer?
  • How does the packaging make it stand out from similar products?
  • What words and phrases appear on the packaging?
  1. Use the senses to list ways the target might experience the product in the campaign.
  • How might the target see the product?
  • How might the target hear the product?
  • How might the target smell the product?
  • How might the target touch the product?
  • How might the target taste the product?

As for the couch, you might ask the resource group to experience the client's product in the store before your session. Then use the detours above to get the job done!

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