Busch beer puts the cool in cool, custom and effective.

If there is one thing that we want resource groups and even facilitators to remember, it is that marketing ideas have to meet three tough standards: They have to be cool and custom and effective.

This being Super Bowl weekend, I thought you'd enjoy this illustration.

I was watching football a few weeks ago and was struck by a campaign for Busch beer. Busch has always been positioned and priced as a working man's beer and I was taken by how the life and values of the working man were so authentically and beautifully communicated in the spot they called "Celebrating Those Who are Earning It."

For the first time ever, the Busch brand will be featured during the Super Bowl. The driving force behind the decision wasn't the sexy creative, the big showcase or even the big budget. It was research that shows that the profile of the working man is the same as the profile of the NFL fan.

As we all know, the creative message, no matter how stunning, loses its power to persuade if the right tool is not used to deliver it to the target consumer.

So, here's a tip on how you, as a facilitator, can make sure that your next campaign contains cool elements communicated to the target consumer with the right tools.

Try this:

  1. Make a list of facts about "a day in the life" of the target consumer and post it during your session.

  2. Post a second list of your company's communication tools that the target consumer uses most often.

  3. Now, choose one item from the first list and ask the resource group to force a connection with an item on the second list to generate new ideas.

  4. Every fact about the target consumer should inspire new ways to use your tools and every individual tool will inspire new ways to reflect the target consumer's lifestyle.

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