Wondering where to go next? If you made a list, make sure you made a choice!

Creative Facilitators have the magical super power of being able to help a resource group make a list of options before making a choice. It's so easy to get swept up in making a long list that making choices can sometimes get left behind.

While the mantra of "whenever you make a list, always be sure to make a choice" sounds simple, when participants are engaged and the client is excited because the ideas are flowing, it's easy to become lost in the moment and neglect to make choices from the list.

When you are facilitating the Creative Resources Process, each step requires making lists and then making choices.

The next time you're wondering where to go next, ask yourself, "Is it time to make a choice?" For example:

Objective Step - Identify a marketing objective for which a client needs marketing ideas.

  • Job 1: The Wish - Make a list of wishes then ask the client to choose one.
  • Job 2: Fact Finding - Make a list of facts then ask the client to choose key facts for this project.
  • Job 3: Marketing Objective - Make a list of objectives with TOPPS then ask the client to choose one to work on first.

Ideas Step - Generate a long list of ideas and help the client choose the top five ideas.

  • Job 1: Ideas - Make a long list of ideas to accomplish the marketing objective.
  • Job 2: Make Choices - Ask the client to choose the 3-5 ideas he/she likes best.

Criteria - Use criteria to help the client select the top idea to develop into a persuasive campaign.

  • Make a list of criteria then choose the most important criteria and use it to select the top idea.

Development Step - Develop a persuasive campaign and establish a timeline.

  • Job 1: Develop the Campaign - Make a list of communication tools and persuasive messaging that will build on the top idea.
  • Job 2: Choose Campaign Elements - Ask the client to choose a variety of communication tools, persuasive messaging and one name or title that gives the campaign a cohesive theme.
  • Job 3: Timeline - Make a list of next steps and ask the client and agent to choose specific actions.

Contact Coach K for more tips on making choices.