Develop persuasive campaigns that answer the questions why and why now!

As a creative facilitator, you know that campaigns that persuade a target consumer to do something with a product or service, such as buy it or try it, require messaging that will convince the target that the product has value in addition to rewarding them for taking action right away.

If that person doesn't know the product or understand why it is different in a way that matters to them, it is unlikely they will take the desired action whether there is an attractive offer or not. The most effective campaigns answer the questions why and why now.

For you as a facilitator, especially when facilitating development, it's important that your list includes plenty of messaging ideas that communicate the product's valuable point of difference along with activation ideas that will get the specific results the client expects from the campaign.

Here are a few detour techniques to help you explore activation ideas that will make the campaign even more effective:

  1. Focus on the place. Make a list of the different places the target can buy the product or service. For example, if the client wants the purchase to happen in their store, make a list of the store's features and attributes. Then invite the resource group to add ideas that are specific to persuading the target to visit the store.
  2. Play with the season. Ask the resource group to think about the "season within the season." For example, if the season is April through September, what events happen within that time frame that might be used to inspire specific activation offers or messaging?
  3. Explore the client's criteria. Make a list of ways the client will measure the success of the campaign. For example, number of appointments booked, phone calls received, increase in lunch business or test drives. Taking one outcome at a time, ask the resource group to generate ideas that will reward consumers for that specific behavior.

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