Clarify the outcome in the marketing objective to get relevant ideas.

As a certified facilitator, you know that marketing exists to make one of two things happen: either to persuade a target consumer to DO something with a client's product or service or to BELIEVE a valuable point of difference about the client's product or service.

Take the Shot on iPhone campaign, for example. Launched in 2014 and further developed into a global campaign, Shot on iPhone began using only Outdoor with images shot by regular people. That's like saying to the target consumer, "With the iPhone, you can take pictures that are worthy of appearing on a billboard over Times Square." It's no wonder the campaign won the Grand Prix for Outdoor Advertising at Cannes in its first year.

Imagine if the marketing objective was to "Persuade a millennial to believe the iPhone has the best features." What are the chances that the ideas generated and the communication tool used would be relevant to a specific feature like the camera?

Only the marketing facts can reveal which feature is the most important to the target consumer. Helping the client identify a marketing objective with a specific do or believe outcome will help your resource group generate more relevant ideas.

Here are some ways to help clarify the outcome in a marketing objective. Each item you explore will suggest a different marketing objective for the client to consider.

  1. Explore the product. Make a list of features or characteristics of the product or service. Ask the client to choose the characteristics that are most appealing to the target consumer.
  2. Focus on the place. Where does the client want the purchase to happen for this project?
  3. Clarify the valuable point of difference. Make a list of what specific ways this product is different from its competitors. Ask the client to choose the difference that is most meaningful to the target consumer for this product.

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