Make it fun for clients to see the value of focused campaigns!

It can be a big challenge to help a client relax into giving us enough information to focus on a specific target consumer or product for a campaign.

Clients see a world full of potential customers and they are reluctant to focus on one target segment or one single product for fear of losing anybody who might have an interest in their business.

Sometimes Creative Facilitators need a fun way to illustrate the benefits of focusing on specific targets and products.

Try this energizer the next time you need to show a client the importance of focus.

Give each participant one sheet of construction paper.

  1. Put people in pairs. Ask partners to identify which partner got his hair cut most recently. That person's name is Clean Cut. The other partner's name is Shaggy.

Clean Cut Instructions:

  1. Ask Clean Cut to hold the construction paper on its side. The short side of the construction paper is held firmly in each hand, stretching the paper to its limit.
  2. Ask Shaggy to raise one hand with his palm and fingers open as if indicating the number five.
  3. Shaggy will push on Clean Cut's construction paper with an open palm until the paper gives way. (Careful not to sock someone in the face!)

Shaggy's Instructions:

  1. Ask Shaggy to hold the construction paper on its side, lengthwise, stretching the paper to its limit.
  2. Ask Clean Cut to point his index finger and press on the stretched construction paper that Shaggy is holding until the paper gives way.

To wrap up the energizer you will want to create your own questions that will reinforce the need to have clarity and focus before generating ideas. For example, some questions might include:

  • What do you notice?
  • Which approach was easier?
  • Which approach created breakthrough?
  • What impact will clarity have on the marketing ideas we generate?

Thanks to our hand models, Nadra and Matt.

Coach K is standing by with more energizers for your sessions!