Explore the target consumer's trigger to generate persuasive campaigns!

Understanding the "trigger" that puts a target consumer in the market for the client's product or service can help your resource group offer highly relevant and persuasive ideas in your sessions.

Bringing facts into the session about what happens in the target consumer's life that would put her in the market for a category or a client's specific product or service will go a long way to help the resource group generate ideas that address the target as an individual rather than a demographic.

To explore the trigger in your next session, give this a try:

  1. Ask the client or the agent what facts are available about triggers for the target consumer and post those facts in your session.

  2. Look through research to find triggers that are common in the category.

  3. Ask people in the target segment who use products or services in the category about what puts them in the market for the product or service.

  4. Read customer comments and reviews to learn what inspired the target to buy the client's products.

Coach K is standing by with more detours to help you drive relevance on your list of ideas!