Troubleshoot your best ideas!

The trouble with trouble is it starts as fun. The same is true about some of the best ideas.

Does this sound familiar? Your resource group has done a wonderful job of developing a persuasive campaign for a client that is cool, custom and effective. Such a great campaign, that everyone is ready to charge out the door and just go do it!

There's one more detour to take to make the campaign as good as it possibly could be, and that's troubleshooting. This detour engages the resource group to anticipate what might go wrong by troubleshooting the campaign before it is finalized.

After all, it's way more FUN to anticipate trouble than to have to apologize for it later!

Try this the next time you've developed a crazy good campaign:

  1. Introduce troubleshooting by asking the client and resource group to make a list of everything that might go wrong with the campaign.  
  • Create a side-list for trouble and ask questions to help make a comprehensive list. For example: Operations? Weather? Legal? Financial? Timing?
  1. Read the list of trouble back to the client and ask him to check the issues he is really worried about. You will only troubleshoot the checked items.

  2. Ask the resource group to offer ideas to fix each issue the client checked.

  3. Add the ideas offered to your original development list.

  4. Ask the client to choose which ideas he wants to add to the campaign and check those ideas.

  5. Tackle each issue the client chose in the same way until you've addressed them all and added ideas to the development list that fixes the trouble before it starts.

The campaign will improve and the client will appreciate the care and concern you have shown for them in taking the time to troubleshoot the issues before they happen.

Coach K is standing by to help you stir up some trouble in your next session!